Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leif's 10th Birthday - Pearl City, Hawaii - January 28, 1985 - Age 10

Until Leif's tenth birthday, all of the celebrations had been at home. This time, we took him and a few of his friends to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza in Pearl City, Hawaii, which wasn't far from where we lived in Honolulu. The lanai (balcony) of our townhouse overlooked Pearl City and Pearl Harbor, and the lights were beautiful at night. We spent a lot of happy hours on that lanai, and Leif loved it out there.

I'm still amused at the amateur cake decorations. Even at Chuck E. Cheese's we took along our homemade and home decorated cake. Here's Leif blowing out his candles. Whoosh! (No asthma problem expelling air there!) The design on the cake was another one Leif decided on and helped with. Quite colorful, isn't it?

We had a good time at the place, which was a bit loud for my taste, but the boys loved the pizza and games.

Happy birthday, Leif!

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