Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leif's Second Birthday - Charlottesville, Virginia - January 28, 1977 - Age 2

Long ago I posted a photo and account of Leif's first birthday in Manhattan, Kansas. Now that his birthday is coming, I thought I'd post photos of some of his birthdays for the rest of this month.

When Leif was a year-and-a-half old, we moved to Charlottesville, Virginia for a year. It was a good year for all of us. We didn't have a big birthday party for him, just celebrated with the family, and you can see that he loved this birthday cake. It was so much fun to see him licking the frosting.

This photo was taken in the kitchen of the townhouse we rented in Charlottesville. I find it kind of heartwarming and amusing to see how simple and homemade the birthday cakes and celebrations with our boys were compared with what some kids to day have. I was never an expert at decorating cakes, but they tasted great!

At two, Leif had quite an extensive vocabulary, already knew his colors, numbers, and the alphabet, and a lot of more complex concepts like what a trapezoid or a hexagon were, and how to pick them out. He could recite (and turn the pages at exactly the right time) the entire text of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. He was endlessly curious.

Happy 2nd birthday, Leif!

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