Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leif Sledding - Sachsen bei Ansbach, Germany - January 1980 - Age 5

The last snow we had fun with in Germany was in early 1980, since we moved to Japan that summer. We were still living in the village of Sachsen bei Ansbach, on the hill that offered such good sledding. From the beginning of his life, Leif loved motion and speed. He and Peter had a great time with this sled, racing down that hill. He was a little daredevil . . . a notice of things to come, evidently.

Although we moved the sled with us to Japan, there we lived on a flat plain and had very little snow. To enjoy snow in Japan, we had to travel to the mountains. So, you might remember seeing a picture of this sled in Japan, with his Fluffy dog "riding" it in warm weather. It became a play vehicle of a different kind there.

But while we lived in Germany, winter snow was fun!

This photo was taken in January 1980.

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