Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garretson Class Tellan Reconnaissance Scout Ship

I've written before about Leif's deep involvement in the development of the ZAON game and his participation in the ZAON forums. It was a major interest of his, an outlet for his creative ideas and opinions, a source of friendship and respect, and a great help to him in overcoming his depression after a failed romance in 2004.

When Leif died, the ZAON forum participants held a vigil in Leif's honor on the day we had his memorial service, and Justin Winters, the ZAON Creative Director, designed a space ship for the game as a tribute to Leif and a way to keep him in the game, offering the blueprints, and sending a copy to us. We were very touched and glad Leif had friends who cared about him that much.

Three weeks ago, Brian Stearns, ZAON Contributing 3D Artist, did two rendered model views of the ship and posted them on the ZAON forum. Justin and Brian gave me permission to post images of the ship here on Leif's blog. I appreciate that.

I wish I could see Leif's reaction to this ship. The ZAON players think it's awesome and say it incorporates all the "demands" Leif kept making for smaller player oriented ships.

I hope Leif is somehow traveling among the stars he dreamed of.


  1. I have the deck plans for that ship some where. Or at least a ship that looks very much like it.