Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leif - ActionQuest - Summer 1991 - Caribbean - Age 16

When Peter Anthony was sixteen, he was an AFS foreign exchange student to Greece during the summer of 1985. It was a terrific experience for him, and we wanted to give Leif something comparable when he was sixteen. Leif wasn't interested in an AFS experience, so I decided I needed to find out what else was available. I sent for brochures, videos, and other information from a large number of summer opportunities for teens, everything from sports to music, from a circus camp to drama. I picked those I was willing to provide and then let Leif make his choice.

Leif chose ActionQuest, a sailing program for teens that takes place in the British Virgin Islands and brings teens from all over the world to sail on their fleet of boats, learn to sail, take care of the boats, and do their own cooking and cleaning. It was a terrific experience for Leif and he loved it! When he came home with his long hair braided in tiny braids and tanned very dark, he looked like Tarzan.

I know Leif took pictures on his sailing trip, but I haven't found them. He must somehow have lost them along the way. The photo above is from a SCUBA diving trip to the island of Vieques with his dad, but I'll use it to represent his time with ActionQuest.

Leif always wanted to go back and sail the Caribbean again. He would have loved working for ActionQuest. I wish he'd had the chance to do it.

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