Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leif & His Dad - Heidelberg, Germany - APril 1978 - Age 3

We moved to Fuerth, Germany, next to Nurnberg, when Leif was two-and-a-half years old in the summer of 1977. The following spring, we made a trip to visit Peter W's relatives in Heidelberg, the city where he was born and lived until he was fourteen years old. It was Easter time, in April 1978, and Leif was then three years old.

While we were there, we walked along the Neckar River, where both boys wanted to hang on a large iron ring set into the sandstone wall. It was probably intended as a place to tie up one of the barges that ply the river. They were having a good time.

It was a chilly spring day, but a good day for a brisk walk and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the view across the river to the old city and the castle.

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