Monday, February 16, 2009

Leif, Peter Anthony & Peter W. - Kyoto, Japan - May 1982 - Age 7

In May 1982, we made a trip to Kyoto, staying in a ryokan (Japanese style hotel) and enjoying the sights like the Kinkakuji Temple and many others, gardens, the city.

Two of these photos were taken at one of the temples, where Leif was fascinated by some Japanese boys who were there with drawing boards sketching the temple and things in the gardens. Leif also loved feeding the pigeons there. They were very tame and would eat right out of your hand. You can see them eating out of Peter Anthony's hand.

The third photo of the boys asleep on their futons at the ryokan. Over the years, I had several photos of the two of them basically cuddled up like puppies. I loved taking those photos.

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