Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leif on Fire Engine - Camp Zama, Japan - May 1981 - Age 6

Living in the army military community at Camp Zama and Sagamihara in Japan was like living in a small 1950s town in many ways, except that outside the gates life was Japanese, and you couldn't mistake it for the 50s when you saw all the electronic gadgetry.

One of the small town celebrations was on Armed Forces Day in May. There were all kinds of displays in the Camp Zama park, and one of them was a fire engine. The kids got to climb on it, get into the driver's seat, and generally enjoy exploring the big vehicle. Naturally, Leif was captivated. It was at the same Armed Forces Day celebration when he got to sit in a helicopter (photos posted earlier) and have fun at the park.

He's kind of hard to see in this small photo, but he's there standing by the door, just a bit over six years old at the time.

Japan was a good time for our family. I have very fond memories of those three years.

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