Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moods - Leif at 5 Years - Hawaii & Japan

When I was a child, my mother would try so hard to take "good" photos of us kids, and we were always acting silly. It made her so frustrated! When I was quite small, I could really pout and put on a crying spell and Mom once threatened to take a photo of my crybaby face and blow it up so I'd have to look at it that way myself but I don't think she ever did. At least, I don't have such a photo, though there is one of me pouting when I was about two years old.

I made up my mind that I would take photos of my kids doing any silly or ordinary thing, whether they had a nice smile or were posing or not. I'm so glad I did, because I have photos that really tell the stories of their lives. I just wish I had even more. Since I've been doing this blog, I realize the ones that are missing, that I wish I had taken and somehow didn't. There will never be enough. Every one of them is precious. Each one brings back memories.

These two photos were taken of Leif in 1980 when he was five years old. When we were in Hawaii on the way to Japan, Leif was acting silly and sticking out his tongue. Now that's a photo a lot of mothers never would have taken but I'm glad I have it. That was in July 1980. It was a good, and very long, trip from Germany to Japan, with stops in Kansas, California and Hawaii on the way.

The second photo, of Leif pouting, was taken at a park in Tokyo in October 1980. I no longer remember why he was upset, but he certainly had a few moments of unhappiness. Most likely, he either wanted to buy or do something I wouldn't allow. Luckily, Leif's moods didn't usually last long. I loved his expressiveness.

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