Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jerri, Leif and Peter Anthony - Charlottesville, Virginia - April 1977 - Age 2

When our boys were kids, a Sunday tradition was homemade pancakes, from scratch. Once the boys were old enough to help, they loved being a part of the process and cooperated very well. This photo was taken in the kitchen of our townhouse in Charlottesville, Virginia. Leif was two years old and Peter Anthony was eight.

The Sunday morning fun was only one of the times the boys liked to help in the kitchen. Making cakes, pies and cookies from scratch were a other projects. I had such a good time with them, and I'll always remember them licking the bowls and spoons. Life seemed so easy then, so full of promise.

These days, people hardly remember black and white film, and I discovered that today's children don't understand black and white film at all. They think there was no color in the world in those days. We had color, plenty of it. At this time we were taking both B&W and color photos.

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