Friday, March 20, 2009

Leif & Peter Anthony - Charlottesville, Virginia - May 1977 - Age 2

Leif went through a lot of changes the year we lived in Charlottesville. It was a great year for Peter A. He had a super teacher for second grade and really enjoyed school. He played with Leif and they enjoyed each other's company.

Leif was totally frustrated at home without his brother all day at school and no matter now much I tried to keep him entertained he wanted to be out and going, doing something. I think I've already written about that and how he, like the living robot in "Short Circuit," wanted "Input, more input!"

He loved it when we found Rocking Horse Country Day School and he could be there all day with other kids and lots to explore and learn.

And then he loved to come home and play with Peter Anthony. That was the year of Ultraman on television and the two of them liked to pretend they were Ultraman and "fly" around the townhouse.

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