Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leif & Lannay - Virginia - October 19, 1976 - Age 1 year, 9 months

This cute photo of Leif and his Aunt Lannay was taken in Virginia on October 19, 1976. I wish I remembered more about where this teepee was. I remember the kids being on carnival swings and posting a photo of Leif pushing Peter Anthony in his stroller (that's right, the little one pushing the big one) taken the same day, but where and what occasion I can't remember any longer.

As I've written before, we got to see a lot of Lannay that year that we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia. She lived a couple of hours away at Fort Belvoir. Leif absolutely loved Lannay and was more affectionate to her than to anyone else when he was small. He loved her long blond hair and couldn't wait for her to come for a visit.

It seems like every kid likes tents of all kinds, and Leif was no exception. This teepee was one of the first big ones he could go into, not like the little one we could set up in the living room. He had a great time.

I remember my happy little boy. Why couldn't life give him that happiness and joy as a man?

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