Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leif - Cannons in Japan (1982) and Hawaii (1984) - Ages 7 and 9

Leif shared an interest in cannons with his dad. Peter W. had miniature cannons as knick knacks around our house when the boys were little, and when we went to places where old cannons were displayed, they were always objects of interest. Leif climbed on cannons in many places, from the Philippines to Japan, from Europe to Hawaii. He probably would have loved firing on as an adult. Anything that shot a large projectile would have been exciting.

The top photo was a cannon at Himeji Castle in Japan around 1982 when Leif was seven years old. Himeji is a beautiful castle where he also got to pose with several young men or teenage boys dressed as samurai and soldiers of the samurai era. I posted that photo some time ago.

The bottom photo was taken in Hawaii in August 1984 when Leif was nine. Unlike some cannons where only the barrel is displayed, this one in Honolulu has the mechanism used to raise, lower and aim the gun. Leif was quite fascinated with it.

Leif was an excellent strategist and enjoyed practicing strategy in the online games he played like PlanetSide. As a child, he liked speculating on the defenses offered by cannons.

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