Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peter A. & Leif - Giant Slide - Honolulu, Hawaii - Circa 1985 - Age 10

I think this photo was taken at the Hawaii State Fair but there's nothing written on the back to tell me for sure. We only went to the State Fair once. Like all kids, my sons loved carnival rides, giant slides, just about anything along those lines. When I was a kid we rarely got to do such things. There weren't any theme parks that I'd heard of except Disneyland and I didn't get there until I was 1973 when Peter A. was four-and-a-half and I was 34. Our mother didn't like to take us to traveling carnivals. They came to town occasionally and we kids would know they were there because they always had a giant searchlight that played through the sky over the town of Manhattan, Kansas. To us, that always appeared mysterious and beckoning, but we never got to go. We never went to the Kansas State Fair, either. Peter A. and Leif had a bit more luck getting to those kinds of attractions.

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