Monday, March 23, 2009

Leif & His Dad - Sagamihara, Japan - 1982 - Age 7

This is the same couch, in our living room in Japan, as the boys were sleeping on in the last post. Peter W. and Leif looks so happy! We had a lot of good times in that living room; Christmases, family games, Japanese style dinner, watching television, using the computer (a new experience for us in 1982), the boys playing with their friends. It was a "Quartermaster" couch, like nearly all the furniture we had in Japan, owned by the U.S. Army. Our quarters weren't furnished with beautiful furniture, but it was utilitarian.

Because our quarters in Japan were two-story with the bedrooms on the second floor, our living room really was our LIVING room. We did almost everything there that didn't require the surface of the dining room table.

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