Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jerri & Sons - November 1976

The days when my boys were small enough that I could hug them both at the same time are long gone, but oh, how I loved all those hugs! This photo was taken at Thanksgiving time in Virginia. The kids were ready for bed, and it turned out nicely because we were all wearing virtually the same shade of blue. We look happy . . . we were happy. That's something to be thankful for!

Look what a little blondie Leif was. Both my sons were blond as young boys, and so was their Dad, and all of their hair turned dark as they grew. By the time Leif and Peter A. were in high school, their hair was a nice medium brown. Their dad's was dark brown. I wonder why it is that children's hair is often lighter like that.

Leif had beautiful hair until he was in his mid-twenties and in the army. Then his hairline started receding badly. It's a family trait, unfortunately, on my side. He decided he'd rather shave his head than just look like he was going bald.

The year that we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia was a very good one for us. We loved it there.

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