Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leif & Me - 11 months old, Manhattan, Kansas

It's hard to believe that this small boy became that big, strapping man in the last picture. He was small and vulnerable . . . yet really always very big for his age.

This photo was taken in our old stone house in Manhattan, Kansas around Christmas time when he was 11 months old, and I think all the decorations and lights had him completely mesmerized. As a child, he loved Christmas, but as an adult, he didn't seem to enjoy it all that much except as a time to get together with family. Although he loved music and had a great singing voice, he didn't want to sing Christmas carols.

Last December, he came to the Christmas concert that my German-American chorus gave, more to make me happy than to enjoy the music, I think.

This boy was a darling rascal. He grew up to be a rascally man, too, with a great sense of humor.

It's amazing to me that my hair was ever that dark! I'm getting old. :( Sixty-one.

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