Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leif - Joyful Baby - August 1976

When I look at all the photos of Leif's life, there seem to be three predominant moods; joyful, pensive and serious. Each has its own charms. When Leif was joyful, the photos are so full of it that they make me smile, and I'll bet they make you smile, too. He had a wonderful, infectious smile, but the joyful photos aren't just smiling. They portray a child, or a man, who was truly happy in that moment.

This photo was taken when we were living in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 1976. Leif was a year and a half old. If I remember correctly, we were at a park, where had been playing on swings and other playground equipment and having a blast.

I think he experienced this kind of joy less and less as an adult, as problems with his health, relationships and jobs robbed him of it, and he became more and more introverted, avoiding people rather than seeking out new companions or friends. He did look hard for female companionship, but did not find what he needed.

This little boy was not always joyful. He could be pouty or obstinate, thoughtful and questioning, rascally and mischievous. He was always loved.

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