Sunday, August 3, 2008

The name is Bond, Leif Bond - Mr. Cool in Hawaii

In my last post, I mentioned that I thought it was in Hawaii that Leif got the idea of being "Mr. Cool" and wanting to be a hero. All the movies he loved, from James Bond movies to Star Wars and Star Trek, fostered the idea of a hero with a weapon (gun or light sabre). From the time he was very small he was fascinated with guns and weapons, and despite the fact that our family never allowed real guns in the house, he showed a clear preference for them.

This photo was taken on our lanai (balcony porch) in Hawaii, with him wearing his beloved black leather Members Only jacket, cool sunglasses (another thing that became a trademark of his) and a toy gun. He and his dad liked to pose in "James Bond" or other cool clothing, with toy guns. He was nine or ten years old in this photo.

Little did we know that his interest in guns would become nearly an obsession as an adult, or that he would finally use one to end his life.

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