Sunday, August 3, 2008

Leif's giant R2D2 cookie

Leif and his brother loved Star Wars and Star Trek all their lives. Those movies and television shows influenced their views of the world, the future, morality, and more. They were significant far beyond their entertainment value.

When Leif was 9 years old, he wanted to make a giant R2D2 cookie. I helped him to figure out how to make the cookie shape and we rolled it out. Then he decorated it in amazing detail with frosting. He was so cute and earnest about it.

We were living in Hawaii at that time and Leif spent a lot of this time with big imaginative things from Star Wars to GI Joe figurines and vehicles, from his black Members Only jacket to toy guns. More about that later. I think it was in Hawaii that he first began to get the idea of being "Mr. Cool," though you can't really tell that in these photos when he's wearing his pajamas.

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