Monday, August 25, 2008

Leif on Dating - Speaking for himself in 2004

I am still finding things on Leif's computers that I haven't read before and today I came across this. He had saved it as his "old" profile statement, and it was written between March and December 2004. He saved this in January 2005, right before he moved with us to Florida.


DATING SUCKS!!! Yeah, that's right. I must say that I really don't like being single. I think most people, especially men, go through a period where they like to sample as many women as possible for fun and to see what they like. For some that is a few years for others it is a few decades. One way or another I know mine is over. I know what I want and even thought I had found it once but it didn't work out.

I have the sort of parents that seem so scarce today, the ones that have been together for 40 years and are still cute together and very much in love. I want the same sort of romantic fairy tale that they seem to have.

Moving on, I guess I will go down the 'tips' list and tell you about me. My friends would describe me as funny, extremely intelligent, sometimes aloof, and while I don't try to push others around I have been told, "there is no getting you to do anything you don't want to do." I am a big guy, fairly muscular and strong, and some say I am "scary looking" like a bouncer, though I am probably one of the nicest and least aggressive people there are.

Fun in Kansas is limited to online video games and motorcycle rides. Thus, why I want to move. I am happiest and most at peace when enjoying something simple with someone special, which I am obviously not getting enough of.

What makes me proud? Two things: the time I spent in the Army and the fact that every one of my ex's, including my Ex Wife, will tell you themselves that even though it did not work out, that I am a great guy and I never mistreated them.

If I could have a super power it would be the "Jedi Mind Trick." That way when I get pulled over for doing 151 mph in a 45 mph zone I can say, "This isn't the bike you are looking for. I can go about my business." And it will work.

My perfect date cannot be done in the Midwest as we would need an ocean and a sunset and a beach front restaurant. But in Florida I know a place that would be perfect. And YES, I do believe in love at first sight.

I want a woman who is fun, that smiles a lot, that will lift me up not drag me down. I am attracted to all types of physical descriptions but I am a total sucker for redheads, natural or not. A flaw in's system keeps saying I don't like redheads.

I like strong intelligent women that can take care of themselves but like to lean on someone now and then. I love innocence, but she must be mature as well. She should be sensual and affectionate. And she has got to have beautiful eyes and a pretty smile that I could stare at for decades to come. I want a woman that is loyal and committed that I can count on as much as she will be able to count on me.

Being an Army brat I have traveled a lot but at the cost of never having a lasting friendship. I want that sort of friendship that lasts forever. I want a woman that compliments me by being strong where I am weak and weak where I am strong. A Yin to my Yang that can make us both complete. Opposite, but with enough in common to understand each other. Different enough to always be fascinated by each other.

I tend to like women that are a bit Naive and hopeful and idealistic to balance my deep seeded cynical realism. Someone to be emotional and passionate to balance my logical reason. Someone that is outgoing and extroverted to offset my own shyness. Someone that will drag me out to do something crazy I would never do on my own. Someone who will cry in my arms after her delicate heart gets stepped on. I want someone that likes to be touched and is sensual and sexual. I want a woman that is feminine and considers herself a lady.

Loneliness is a terrible thing. I wish he had found that woman.

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  1. He stole my heart with that profile